Jill Stone


My name is Jill Stone and I am the owner of Sea Dreams Vacations located in Chandler, Arizona.

I have been traveling the world for 20+ years and have visited 30 countries, cruised on over 40 voyages and have enjoyed experiences that I look forward to sharing with you to plan your dream vacations.

As a travel advisor, I am here to plan your vacation from start to finish. I use my own experiences, training and resources so all you will need to think about is enjoying your vacation.

One of my favorite things to do is to research and find the perfect vacation for you within the best value for you within your price range.  I have access to perks and deals often not available to the general public and don't be surprised to find a gift or amenities from me that you were not expecting.


Favorite Destination

 Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

It is a unique island that is made up of a French Side  - Saint Martin and a Dutch side Sint Maarten.  The views are spectacular on both sides and each has something different to offer.

First stop for me on the Dutch side is a visit to the Sint Maarten Guavaberry Factory.  Great items available to bring back home this legendary folk liqueur as gifts.  Make sure to try a Guavaberry Colada too!  

On the French side, I love walking around the open air market and enjoying some delicious pastries from a local bakery.

Why I Started Traveling and What it Has Meant to Me

Traveling for me is the perfect way to be able to spend time with friends and family away from the business of our every day lives.  My family first started cruising when dad was working out of town during the week and came home on weekends.  Cruising for us became such a special time to all be together and enjoy each other's company.

20 years later we still cruise together with additions to our family and it still is as special to us.  While we do travel in other ways than cruising, being able to plan a trip on a ship is still such a fun experience.  We know we can spend as much or as little time together during the day, enjoy our favorite activities and then have dinner together every night.