Keeping Track of Your Travels

When I am planning travel it is all about where I am going to go and what I am planning to experience. Then you come home and cannot always remember everywhere you were or what you saw or in my case just where the gorgeous pictures you took were from. To help solve this problem for myself, I have found some fun ways to keep track of my travels.

Tracking where have I visited and what new locations are on my travel “wish list”

I found this wonderful map that comes with different colored push pins to track where you have been as well as where you want to go along with anything else you choose to track. This is the map I have hung up over my desk and is available on and the first thing I do when returning from a trip is add a pin to any new place I have visited.

While this is the one I use, there are many options available on the internet to find your own perfect map to track your travels. I chose this one in particular to use as it also acts as art to decorate my office.

Souvenirs to remember travel by

The easiest souvenir to bring home to commemorate where you have visited is a magnet. They are small and easy to bring home but act as the perfect reminder of where you have been. While many people use their refrigerators for displaying these, I chose a different way to do so. I bought a magnetic board and set it on the credenza in my office. Simple solution and always an attention grabber/conversation starter for anyone visiting my office.

Cruise itineraries

Keeping track of cruise itineraries I have been on has been the most challenging thing for me to do in the past. I recently found a great free application that allows you to track all your past and future cruises – Ship Mate. In addition to tracking your cruises, this site also has reviews/pictures for ships and ports and you can join the roll call to see who else using the app will be on your cruise.

I used all the on board cruise cards I have saved and also used the cruise lines websites that I have traveled on and am a member of their loyalty programs to find all my past cruises and add them to the app. Almost all cruise lines are included on the site and best of all, if your itinerary was on a ship that is no longer part of the fleet you can still locate it knowing the ship name, length of cruise and the date you sailed and the app will look for it for you and add it as soon as they locate it. This was especially exciting to me as many of the first ships I cruised on have been retired and all of my trips were able to be located and added.

Do you have any tricks for tracking your travel? Share them with us!

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